What Did JoAnna Garcia and Nick Swisher Name Their Daughter?


Congratulations to JoAnna Garcia and Nick Swisher, who welcomed their first child earlier this week!

The news broke after the 32-year-old first baseman for the Cleveland Indians was placed on paternity leave starting Tuesday, May 21.

So what did the happy couple name their little one? Emerson Jay Swisher.

“We are overjoyed, blessed and so full of love that our daughter Emme has finally arrived,” they told PEOPLE.

Swisher (who BTW is on my fantasy baseball team and is doing quite well this season) and Garcia, 33, shared the news back in January that they were expecting a little girl.

“I am so excited,” gushed the proud papa-to-be. “I never in a million years thought I’d have a little girl, but over the last six months, the pink and purple dresses that I’ve bought, I’m telling you. . .”

“My wife, Jo, she says, ‘You’re going to spoil that little girl so much.’ I can’t wait, man,” Swisher added. “I talk to her every night. Jo and I, we’re so excited to meet her and to bring her in the world and give her a whole lot of love.”

Garcia, who has starred on several TV shows including Reba, Better With You and Animal Practice, announced her pregnancy via Twitter in November of last year.

The couple started dating in 2009 and got married in Florida in 2010. Garcia’s bridesmaids included friend and fellow actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who is also expecting her first child this summer. 

(Sigler and Garcia watching a baseball game together in 2010)



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