Popular Three Letter Baby Names


When it comes to naming their beautiful bundle of joy, some parents feel that short and sweet is ideal.

If you are looking for a simple moniker to fit your little one, consider selecting a name that, while low on letters, is not light on meaning and beauty.


Parents in search of a short name who also want to reflect their eco-friendliness may elect to name their new daughter Ama. This name comes from native word meaning “water,” tying it clearly to the Earth and the concept of fluidity, grace and new beginnings.


Recently popularized by Jessica Simpson, Ace is of English origin and means “noble” or “number one.”  It can also be a reference to World War I days, when the term “flying ace” was commonly used to describe brave or daring pilots.


Ben is a popular boy’s nickname, but some parents elect to give their child this simple moniker as his proper name. This name comes from a Hebrew word meaning “son,” making it supremely appropriate for a male child.


If you want to highlight your new baby boy’s distinctiveness, the Sanskrit name Eka may be the moniker for you. This name comes from a term meaning “one,” making it indicative of originality and a perfect choice for your one-on-a-kind tot.


Eva is a short, simple name from your new baby girl. This name is most commonly used in Germanic cultures and originated from Hebrew origins. The name comes from a word meaning “life,” making it a nice fit for the new life you created.


Parents who want to reflect the principles of devotion and trust in a short and pithy name may enjoy the name Foy. This baby girl name comes from a French word meaning “faith,” clearly tying it to belief and trust.


Of old German and Greek origin, the meaning of Ida is “hardworking” or “prosperous.” 


Kai is a unisex name of Finish origins. This name comes from a word meaning “rejoice,” reflecting the pleasure and delight you and your partner likely felt upon welcoming your new son or daughter into your family.


The name Mao, most commonly associated with prolific, and at times violent, Chinese ruler Mao Tsu Tung, is a Asian name appropriate for both boys or girls. This name comes from a Chinese term meaning “true center,” allowing you to reflect the fact that you new addition is now the center of you and your partner’s universe.


The name Mia sometimes derives from the Italian expression “cara mia,” or “my dear.”




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