The Best Parenting Advice is Not to Give Any



This is me. Not telling you what to do.

It happens. Someone within earshot talks about what they are struggling with as a parent. You care. You genuinely want to help. You want to tell them what worked for you. What didn’t!

That’s been me. Lots of times! On a good day I will take a step back and simply listen, instead of dolling out my opinion. (*Note: not every day is a good day. I am the eldest sibling ;)

Here’s the thing. People want to figure it out for themselves. They want to follow their own path, their own heart. Not someone else’s. They just want to be heard. They just want to be supported. The most loving thing we can do is to listen, to give our support, and not make it about us or our experience.

What I know is I’m NO parenting expert.

What I know is despite that I still want to do things my own way. Find my own path.

I want to give my friends, my family, people I’m blessed to share this experience with the same freedom.

Freedom to choose.

Freedom not to be pressured by me.

I accept that it is not my job to clear the path for someone else, no matter how good the intentions.

Children, this one’s for you. You can show this to me when you feel I am not living by these words. One simple request: Be kind…remember those good intentions?!


Wendy Irene




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