How to Stop Child Bed-Wetting


It’s a frustrating experience for everyone when a child wets the bed, but don’t blame or become angry with your child. He isn’t doing it on purpose. In fact, chances are he inherited this condition from you or from a close relative. Children who wet the bed tend to be deep sleepers who don’t feel their bladders being full, so they don’t get up to urinate, wetting the bed instead. For most kids, bed-wetting stops by itself, but you can take some measures to help.

Step 1

Limit the amount your child drinks after dinner. Don’t give your child drinks with caffeine, such as sodas, in the evening at all.

Step 2

Tell your child to use the bathroom twice during her bedtime routine; once at the beginning and again immediately before going to bed.

Step 3

Teach your child bladder exercises. When he has to urinate during the day, ask him to hold it for a few minutes. This helps strengthen the bladder.

Step 4

Use a pad with an alarm. You can buy a special pad that you put in your child’s underwear at night. As soon as your child begins to urinate, an alarm goes off by buzzing or vibrating. This wakes your child so that she can get up. Give this method at least two weeks to determine if it works. It can take up to 12 weeks for your child to have a dry night. The alarm method has a high success rate and provides a long-term solution.

Step 5

Keep a nightlight on that leads to the bathroom to make it easier for your child to get up and find the bathroom at night.

Step 6

Take your child to the doctor to rule out a medical reason for bed-wetting.

Step 7

Ask your doctor about medicine. If your child is still wetting the bed past the age of six and if no other methods are working, your doctor might prescribe medicine. Medicine won’t cure the bed-wetting. One type helps the bladder hold more urine. Another type helps the kidneys produce less urine. Medicine could have side effects, such as dry mouth or flushed cheeks.

Step 8

Try alternative therapy. Some types of alternative therapy work in some children. Hypnosis helps some children stay dry by suggesting your child wake up in a dry bed and visit the bathroom during the night. Acupuncture works for some children. You can find an acupuncturist through the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture.



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