Easy Baby Room Projects


Homemade baby room projects can add a personal touch to your baby’s nursery without costing a small fortune for a one-of-a-kind item. Making the projects yourself will make the entire nursery mean even more to you — which will transcend to your baby — because of the love you put into making each item.


Making an easy project for your baby’s nursery can become a memorable keepsake for her. Personalize the project for your baby. For example, decorate large wooden letters that spell out your baby’s name. Use colors and shapes that complement the nursery decor. For example, paint the letters with stripes, polka dots, flowers or other patterns with baby pink, chocolate brown and cream if that’s the color scheme in her nursery. She can keep those letters and repaint them later when her bedroom decor is updated again.


Easy projects not only personalize the nursery, but save you money as well. For example, purchase some fabric in a lightweight, breathable material featuring colors or a pattern that you like. Make valances, a crib bumper and crib blanket out of the material. Use fabric adhesive to hold the material in place if you can’t sew. Repeat the process to update the nursery decor as often as you want. Store-bought crib bedding and curtain sets are typically expensive and come in specific patterns, so making your own gives you more options. Remove any blankets from the crib before putting your baby to sleep to avoid suffocation hazards.


You can make nearly anything you want to decorate the nursery. Using your hobbies and strengths for the projects will ensure the projects are easy to you. For example, if you crochet to relax, crochet your baby a blanket in the colors of his nursery. Hang the blanket on the wall or drape it over the rocking chair. It can become a family heirloom later. Have a stamp of your baby’s footprint made to create a footprint border around the room. Paint a picture on canvas to frame or make a mobile for your baby if you enjoy those types of crafts.

Time Frame

The time frame for your simple project will depend on the amount of time you have until your baby arrives, or the amount of free time you have available. The simplest projects can likely be completed in a single day, such as decorating letters, making a simple, no-sew blanket or decorating a wall hanging. If you plan to paint a mural on the baby’s walls (use stencils if you aren’t naturally artistic), you’ll need to account for drying time before the baby is able to sleep in the room. Consider using non-toxic paint for your baby’s nursery.


Some easy decorating projects can make the baby’s room a safer place for her to grow, learn and play. Cork floors are naturally resistant to germs and mold and come in pieces that lock together. Another safe flooring option is rubber or foam tiles that interlock, such as the ones used in many daycare centers. Use no-VOC paint for the baby’s room to avoid dangerous paint toxins. Display any homemade stuffed animals on a shelf, rather than in the baby’s crib.



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