How to Thin Thick Hair for Women


Countless women spend their paychecks in an attempt to achieve thick, luscious hair, but having too many strands on your head can be equally frustrating. Thick hair takes longer to dry and style, can get frizzy or poofy when dry, and is more prone to tangles than thin hair. While you can’t change your genetics, you can take steps at home and at the salon to tame your mane.

Step 1

Ask your stylist at the salon to cut your hair with thinning shears. The special blades resemble a comb and only cut about 15 percent of strands, making your hair thinner without affecting your overall cut.

Step 2

Look for a sulfate-free shampoo for your hair, especially if you suffer from frizz. Sulfates dry out your hair follicles, causing them to expand to let in more moisture, explains the Teen Vogue website.

Step 3

Apply plenty of conditioner in the shower. Thick hair may require more conditioner to moisturize it than thinner hair. Experiment with leaving some of the conditioner in when you rinse to keep your hair lying flat.

Step 4

Apply a straightening balm to your towel-dried locks before you blow-dry. Such products give your hair the straight, sleek appearance of thinner hair.

Step 5

Blow dry your hair with a high-powered ionic dryer. You’ll cut down on the time it takes to dry your hair — and less time drying means less heat damage.



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