Modern Hairstyles for Older Women
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Modern Hairstyles for Older Women

It’s time to move beyond that retro beehive or that long hippie hair to find a more modern hairstyle. Celebrities such as Susan Sarandon and Helen Mirren prove that older women can enjoy a vibrant, contemporary look. Before settling on a hairstyle, determine your priorities in terms of coloring, straightening, perming or other chemical processes, because many older women have more fragile hair that can split or break if it undergoes too much processing.

Long Bob

While a short bob may feel too dramatic, a long bob gives you the lightness and lift of a bob while affording you more styling flexibility. Older women accustomed to hair past their shoulders often feel more comfortable with a little length. Choose a style that just skims your shoulders so you can clip it into an updo or a ponytail when the mood strikes. Give a long bob some polish by finger-combing mousse or smoothing cream through damp hair. Let hair dry naturally, tousling it to give it more lift, or use a blow dryer and a barrel brush to give the tyle some body and bounce. A finishing spray adds shine.

Short and Spiky

As women age, they often experience a thinning of their hair, which can make it hang flat. You can counteract this effect by keeping hair short and adding volume on top. Think of actress Jamie Lee Curtis, with her signature spiky locks. For this dramatic look, cut off hair so that it stops around your jawline. You can layer it for a softer, feathered effect. Use a small, round brush to lift the hair back from the face while blow-drying and add a touch of spray gel for stand-out style.


Soften your look and avoid helmet hair with a layered hairstyle. Use layers around the face to flatter your jawline, draw attention away from crow’s feet and give your coiffure some lightness and bounce. Layered bangs can also help frame your face. Draw them to the side to emphasize your eyes. Add subtle highlights for a playful, youthful look. Keeping your hair layered means that you can let it grow past your shoulders without making your face shape appear too long.

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