Feeling Great and Full of LOVE!


I have just finished responding to a gazillion texts and e-mails and I continue to read the heartwarming comments on ModernMom since publishing my video last week.

It means the world to me and I feel so lucky in life and love to have so many positive people around me. I wish there were enough time in my days to sit face to face with all the loving people in my life who have reached out and connected with me in the past week.

The stress and anxiety that I’ve been feeling is now outweighed by love and support, and it is overwhelming in the most beautiful way.

I want to tell you that when I saw my cancer news everywhere, it scared me – so I can only imagine the impact that it had on everyone else.

I want to assure everyone that my condition is manageable and I am taking all the proper steps. I never thought I would be applauded by my courage to share the news in a home video.

Truth is, I was pretty scared about what the response would be. But I want you all to know that I feel great, my condition is manageable, and I am planning on a speedy recovery.

My favorite line that a friend who is a cancer survivor shared with me was this…..

“I don’t have time for cancer, I’m a MOM!”

That made me smile, which is what I plan to keep on doing.  What I have is treatable. It’s a surgery for me, some mandatory downtime (which is a gift) and another story to tell.  Life is funny, but so far I have not been dished out anything that I can’t handle.

It’s a journey that I never thought I would have to take but with a full heart and strong mind, I will get through it.

So many people have shared their thyroid experiences, their prayers, positive thoughts and even their scars.  I am amazed at how many people in my circle have experienced some kind of thyroid issues and ALL have successfully overcome them.

I plan on sharing my process with you; I will tell you how my kids and family have been coping and suggestions for what people can do if you or anyone you know is battling cancer – how to make it an easier process.

My friend called me today and confessed that she has NEVER had a physical… never!  She booked it today and I am so happy. Remember, a routine physical is how I discovered my nodule.

Please know that I am totally ok. I’m at work today getting ready for tonight’s live Dancing with the Stars show. I can feel all the love and support that has come from far and wide which makes me feel fantastic.

No worries….see you tonight!



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