Mommy Found the Easter Bunny!


We took the family away this weekend for a quick local vacation. It’s finally starting to feel like spring, which called for the perfect Easter holiday getaway. Spring break is always challenging for our family because of the different schools and schedules. We never seem to all be off at the same time. I love local vacations, no airports and no time wasted in travel. La Costa is one of my favorite southern California resorts and has one of my favorite rooms in the US. I’m a huge Deepak Chopra fan and he has an incredible wellness center there. It’s unique to find a destination that can satisfy the kids and still provide the kind or health and wellness services that I crave.

La Costa has a super fun water area that kids of all ages can enjoy. My big girls spent the day on the slides and my little ones found a miniature version for themselves and a beach entry pool. After all, family vacations are about all of us. I love to share the joys of travel, escapism, and let’s face it, we all need to get away once in a while just for family fun! The key is to be able to organize time so that everyone is happy. David and I like to escape for some romantic time too.

Our first day was all about the kids, of course. We took the kids to Sea World, which was amazing. I never had a chance to see those kinds of things as a child, so I have lived through all of my own children. I experience as much joy as they do -witnessing the most incredible creature on the planet… SHAMU! I had to take it back to my "Wild On" days and let the family hop on for a ride…

After we rung out all the best attractions there, we took four wiped out kids back to the hotel, and planned the evening just for David and I. Date night was on!

Lately we have been trying to commit to date night, but time gets the best of us and we rarely can get out. We had a romantic dinner just for two, talked about everything but the KIDS, and snuck back into our room for more without waking a soul. Lucky!

The next night we all roasted marshmallows and made s’mores- too yummy but so fun. One of my favorite American traditions!

Then we sat by an evening fire to listen to some live music and watch the kids dance. The next day was Easter. So like a good Jew, I had to take the kids to the Easter egg hunt! After a morning of make believe stories, guess who I spot trekking across the Golf Course?!? The Bunny himself! I couldn’t believe my eyes and neither could the kids. This year I went down as mommy with proof!

It was a perfect weekend, filled with family memories to cherish.
My compliments to La Costa for creating a haven for the kids, some me time, and just the right touch of romance. To top it all off, Mommy found the Easter Bunny!!!!



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