Why I Chose Gluten-Free


I have to admit that when I decided to go gluten-free 6 years ago it was not because I had celiac disease or even got noticeably sick when I ate gluten. Pure vanity was at the core of why I wanted to experiment with going gluten-free (there – I said it)! After all, gluten is what is found in processed baked goods, pasta and bread, all of which lead to weight gain. That fact alone seemed like reason enough for me to quit eating gluten, so I did it.

Like magic I was soon able to manage those nagging tummy bulges. Then the most profound and unexpected benefit emerged. My sinus infections, which used to strike at least twice a year post cold/flu season, vanished – poof! I could breath more easily, and when I got a mild cold, a sinus infection would not ensue. NO SINUS INFECTIONS = NO MORE ANTIBIOTICS! I have now been antibiotic-free for 6 years. This was way more important to me than how my tummy looked in a bathing suit. This was every indication to me that my immune system was getting stronger from eliminating gluten. I can’t tell you the elation I felt when this revelation occurred.

Gluten was indeed making me sick, and I didn’t even know it! I did not get diarrhea or cramps from eating gluten, like those with Celiac, but what was occurring was hidden inflammation. Inflammation of my sinuses was the silent killer for me. If the gluten was inflaming my sinuses, then where else was the inflammation occurring in my body? Experts will tell you that inflammation is the root of all disease, which is really scary to think about, especially when you don’t see it or have serious side effects to give you a warning.

My mother has Lupus and Sjogrens disease, which are both auto-immune disorders. Could an allergy to gluten be at the root of her problems? Could that tasty piece of bread or that slice of pizza be killing more than just our waistline?

There is a staggering statistic that 90% of all gluten intolerance has yet to be diagnosed. WOW! I for sure fell into this category and I am here to tell you it is just not worth it! If you have any ailment of any kind at all, try going gluten free for 2 months. If you notice that you feel better then you may be one of those that fall in the 90% category!

Living without gluten is much easier than you think. Just be careful not to replace gluten with gluten-free processed junk foods. When on the go, reach for one of the raw food snacks that are found at natural food markets. Most are made with high quality gluten-free ingredients and are not loaded with processed sugars, processed extracted oils and not baked at high temperatures to further oxidize the oils. Raw foods are nutrient dense and always gluten-free! My favorite gluten-free snacks are the Hail Merry Coconut Macaroons. Shredded coconut has twice the fiber of rolled oats. Fiber is what is lacking in most gluten-free flours like rice and potato, so going with a chewy macaroon is not only satisfying but great for your colon and even better for keeping blood sugar low.

Stay ahead of inflammation to ward off disease. Go GLUTEN FREE!

*When doing the research for this article I used my new HP Touchscreen Computer. My kids LOVE this computer. We keep it in our kitchen so we can quickly look up the weather, do quick searches for homework, look up YOUTUBE videos etc. The big screen is SO fun, easy to use and it will remain a permanent fixture in our kitchen. Great for keeping the kids engaged in learning and the visuals are tremendous! 



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