Meditation: A Great Source for Creativity
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Meditation: A Great Source for Creativity

My biggest source for inspiration and creativity comes from meditation. When I first made a commitment to meditation back in December I had no understanding of the incredible door I was opening. There were many times I had read about the wonderful benefits of meditation, which sounded good and logical to me, but before that time I never made a commitment of meditating regularly. That simple commitment of 10 minutes per day has had an incredible impact on my life.

The further into my journey of meditation I go, the greater the benefits I receive. Now I am truly excited everyday to see where the road will lead. When I made the commitment to make meditation a habit I did not know that a few months in meditation would become my greatest source of inspiration. What I understand so completely now is that we need to make space for new light to enter. By removing thoughts and focusing on stillness and breath you create space for more good.

Meditating for me feels like tapping into an enormous ever flowing river of inspiration where you can ultimately relax and float in it. Just as removing clutter from your home creates space for more good to come in, meditation is the equivalent for your mind. If I could give one gift to others it would be the ability to tap into their inner flowing stream. I believe it is in all of us, we simply need to learn how to tap into it. The most amazing part is that finding this inspiration within you is not hard to do. It takes no more than the willingness to quiet your mind and body to create space for it to enter.

Those silly walls we put up in our mind come down easily with practice. Hear me when I say, it just takes practice! Making a commitment to meditating was in essence a commitment to practice taking down the walls, a commitment to practice allowing my mind and heart to be open. It is one of the greatest things I have ever done!

There is a stream of life within you, a place where you can forever be replenished, find truth and wisdom, and be healed. It is an extraordinary part of the gift of life we have as humans. When you begin to meditate, in time you will find this place within you. The more you do it the faster you get there, until one day there is no longer a maze of walls to struggle through and you can simply be there instantaneously.

Here’s to finding your inner stream of life, love, inspiration and creativity!

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