How to Pack Wrinkle Free


Though most hotels provide you with a free iron, no one wants to spend the first hour at a vacation destination ironing clothes. It’s much nicer if you can simply take your clothes out of the suitcase ready to wear. If you pack smart, not only will your clothes be wrinkle-free, but you will create extra space to pack more items.

Step 1

Place formal wear in a separate garment bag. If you’re going someplace where you need to wear something formal, you need to treat this item with extra care. It’s best to carry a separate garment bag with the item, though you can also keep it in a dry cleaning bag in your regular luggage.

Step 2

Roll up pants, skirts, dresses and T-shirts. For T-shirts, fold the arms in, then roll into a long tube. Roll jeans or other pants after you fold them in half. Most skirts and dresses will also require you to fold them in half lengthwise before you roll.

Step 3

Fold other clothes around the rolled-up clothes. Wrinkles occur in places where there is a sharp crease. You can avoid wrinkles by avoiding sharp creases. For clothes that might wrinkle easily, such as dress shirts or linen skirts and pants, lay them out on the bed straight and fold as you normally would, but place a rolled-up T-shirt in the area where you would have a major crease. This creates a curve rather than a sharp angle.

Step 4

Place the items in your suitcase tightly. You don’t want your clothes to shift around in the suitcase, which can lead to wrinkling.



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