We’re in the Money!

We’re In The Money!

Well, sort of.

My daughter came home all excited yesterday saying, “Peter gave me fifty bucks!”

Me: “Oh, that’s cute. Is it a picture or Monopoly money?”

My girl: “No, mom a real fifty”

Me: “No, really? Show me.”

Fifty Bucks, MoneyShe continues, “He gave it to me because he likes me.”

Me: “Ohhh. Honey. You did nothing wrong. But I have to call Peter’s mom because we have to give it back, and his mom needs to know he gave it to you.”

She was upset, and worried, that he friend would be on trouble. “Mom, I will give it back, he’s nice.”

I explained that I just needed to call, and that sometimes parents need to talk to other parents.

Answering Machine “Hi, this is M’s mom. Ummm. My daughter was given a $50.00 bill from Peter, and I felt calling you to discuss was the right thing. “

She picks up (screener!)

“Oh My. Are you kidding me! That’s….”

And we both bust out laughing…..

She talked to him, I talked to my girl. And we’ll live happily ever after with a new lesson learned.

When do you pick up the phone and call another parent about something that happened at school?

XOXO Dr. Jen



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