Mom, I’m an Aimer!
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Mom, I’m an Aimer!

Pee, and the washing thereof, has permanently discolored a portion of our powder-blue hue. It makes me smile every time I see it.
Children learn by making mistakes. We, as parents, have to let our children make those mistakes even if we can correct them before they happen.

We often have to let them make those mistakes again and again until they can learn by experience the right way to do things. When it comes to parenting twins, there is another dimension – fostering independence, avoiding situations for comparison, and making sure each child is treated as an independent person.

When my son was about to turn four and starting to use the potty by himself, let’s just say that aim was not a high priority. While his twin brother understood the concept of aim right from the get go, my son would run to the potty, lift the seat and stand there with his hands on his hips like Superman.

I spent weeks cleaning the mirrors, the floor, the trash can, and the bathroom counter (even having to throw away the toothbrushes a number of times!). I helped him, a little bit, but resisted the urge to stand over him and correct him. Instead, each time, I asked him to think about how he could get it to go all in the potty the next time.

One day, he ran into my room and proudly proclaimed, “Mom, I am an aimer!”

Something had finally clicked.

He was soooo happy!

He brought each member of the family into the bathroom over the next couple days to show off his new found skill. I am sure I could have helped him along and maybe saved a few toothbrushes and some towels, but I am sure he never would have been as proud if I stood over him each time and tried to help. He did it all by himself.

He was an aimer!

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