Popular Hairstyles for Weddings


Look spectacular on your wedding day with a beautiful hairstyle. After you pick the dress and accessories, choose the hairstyle that will go with overall look you’d like to achieve. Your tresses become your crowning glory as you walk down the aisle on your special day. Get inspired by the chic choices of wedding hairstyles donned by fabulous brides through the years.

Braided Hairstyle

Add texture and depth to your hair by styling it in a French braid. If you have medium to long natural wavy hair, try taming it first using a diffuser. Then, part your hair at the center by sectioning off your hair from either side of your head. French-braid the sectioned-off areas. Creating smaller plaits from the bottom layer of your hair, wrapping them back toward the center and gathering them with pins will safely anchor your hair. Adding florets or small pearl pins on the braided sections makes a sweet embellishment. The braided hairstyle works well with or without a veil.

Ballerina Chignon

Creating a ponytail just a little higher than the nape of your neck will act as the foundation for your ballerina chignon. Gathering several small sections of your ponytail and tucking them around the base of your chignon foundation will create the knot. Placing pins will secure the knot in place. Wrap excess hair around the base of the foundation. Embellish the bun with pearl pins or florets. Add your veil just above the bun for a more dramatic effect.


An updo hairstyle creates a bun much higher than a chignon does, sometimes reaching the crown of the head. Several variations of the updo exist that include formal, loose curls and messy. Gathering the hair and pulling it back as tightly as possible creates the formal updo to make a bun. A loose curl updo allows you to pull out strands from the bun to create curls. Both formal and loose curl updos can benefit from a beautiful veil with embellishment, such as a tiara, headband or barrette placed at the top front of the bun; however, you can also skip the veil and just tuck in pearl and floret pins around the base of the bun. Looser and more informal than the two, the messy updo does not require too much tightening at the back. Messy updo works well in an informal or outdoor setting, like the beach or garden. With a messy updo, a single flower tucked next to one of your ears will do the trick in place of a veil.

Curly Half Updo Hairstyle

If you prefer wearing your long hair down, choose a curly half updo. Gather the front and top part of your hair to the back of your head, then use a paddle brush to add volume or pouf as you gather your hair to the back. Create loose curls with a curling iron on the rest of your hair. Place the veil close to where you gathered your half updo at the back.

Short Side-Swept Hairstyle

If you have short hair, styling it with heavy, side-swept bangs will frame your face and soften your features. This hairstyle will bring the length to the front, while keeping the sides and back short. Using a flat iron will straighten any wayward hair and keep your hair neat. Applying spray will keep your hair stylish all day. With short hair, you probably will not need a veil. Adding a pin with florets, rhinestones or pearls will give your short hair an embellished look.



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