Finding Happiness: The Power of Connection


Similar to my son and I having regular Mommy-son 20 minutes, my husband and I do the same. Only our 20 minutes comes in the form of an evening soak in the tub directly following the kid’s bedtime.

In that space there are no distractions. Simply the 2 of us talking about our day, about whatever is on our mind, about our dreams. It is 20 minutes of powerful one on one connection.

Our evening bath is something we both enjoy and look forward too. Not to mention we smell nice before bed! I love lavender Epsom salts.

Finding a place, a space to connect regularly with the people you adore in life opens you up to incredible joy, and at the same time a quiet, peaceful joy. This is exactly how you can open the inner door to happiness – a few minutes of truly seeing and hearing the people you love, and being heard by them.

20 minutes with my son, 20 minutes with my daughter, 20 minutes with my husband make up the best hour of my day! With each 20 minutes comes unique gifts. Gifts from one soul to another.

Connection is extremely important to our happiness. Sometimes we put it off or overlook its importance in our life because we don’t feel we have much time, but I’m here to show you it is not about the quantity, it is about the quality of the time spent together. So take 20 minutes as often as you can. Best of all make it a habit!

Connect with the people you love and be happier for it!



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