Weird Things My Husband Does



I imagine this is the face he would make if he knew I was going to write a whole post All. About. Him!


He’s really great about helping around the house and cleaning. Most nights he is the one who cleans up from dinner. He washes everything, except one thing… never the wooden spoon. I don’t understand why that is. Every morning in the sink, there it is… that darn wooden spoon! I even tested this whole wooden spoon thing out once and secretly made a pact with myself that I wasn’t going to wash it. It stayed in the sink for days, until one day… I finally caved and washed it myself.

He’s never met a chocolate chip cookie he couldn’t eat in one bite. OK, maybe that is not entirely true. Some are big; however, I’m certain he doesn’t breathe.

He is really calm, cool, and collected. He rarely stresses, even over big things. It’s a great influence on me. There is one exception, and it’s a BIG exception… SPORTS!!!
Let’s just say it’s the one thing that can make him lose his pleasing personality real quick. If only there was time to share with you all the great sports related stories his friends have told me over the years.

He tells everyone that he is a fair weather golfer. DO NOT BELIEVE HIM! It could be a full on hurricane outside, and if he had the opportunity to golf, he would.

Speaking of golf, every time he goes golfing he loves to tell me how quick of a round it is going to be for x, y, or z reasons… he saw a bluebird outside so that means golf is going to be quick today. Nevertheless, he is consistently off the mark by a solid 2 hours. Has anyone actually ever seen their hubby come home after just 4 hours?!? Just sayin. YOU’RE NOT FOOLING ANYONE!

My husband is a gifted athlete and really strong, but the moment he steps into a mall his back starts to hurt, and he’s really tired, and he just can’t go on…

If he’s sick he’ll tell you that he just wants to be alone. That’s not true. He wants attention. A LOT of attention! And if you have an ‘I’m sick badge’ you can give him, even better!

He can cross his toes! How many people do you know that can do that?

He is extremely sarcastic. It is like a walking comedy show for me to watch when people don’t get his sarcasm. When in doubt – Don’t believe him! Here’s a hint: If you’re not sure if he is kidding look at his mouth. He always gives it away with a little corner smile. If it weren’t for that he’d be a great actor!

No matter what the weather, or how dark the clouds, he consistently lights up the world. If I were the earth, he’d be the sun!

Happy Birthday My Love!

I love you more than words, and look forward to many, many more years with you and all the bizarre things you do! :)

And a BIG Happy Birthday to Traveling Pat as well, who has a special birthday coming up this weekend!! We love you ?

Have a great day, friends ?

What bizarre things do your loved ones do?




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