This Year, Resolve to Protect Your Child (More)


It’s that time of year.  Time to make resolutions.  This year, resolve to protect your child (more).

Parents are concerned that their child can access pornography or other unsuitable Internet content on the home PC, laptop, smartphone, and/or tablet. This includes downloading malicious apps or using inappropriate apps.

Most parents think their child spends too much time connected and online. Parents are worried about the plethora of personal information their child posts publicly.  And, parents are worried about identity theft, cyberbullying, and sexting.

Yes, parents think it is a good idea to protect kids from these things or to limit their time spent plugged in.

But, we get too busy to stay up-to-date with technology or to stay on top of the issues.  Sometimes, we justify and think “my child wouldn’t get into trouble.”  Or,  that “everyone else is doing the same.”

Resolve to protect your child. 

There are some parents who won’t buy a tablet for a child because of the lack of parental controls. There are parents who use software solutions to protect against these challenges.  And there are parents who, in addition to everything else, will talk with their child to see where they go, where they spend time, with whom they are friends.

There are solutions for some of these challenges for iPhone & iPod Touch, Android, Mac and Windows. 

Here’s a quick list to get started:

1) Windows: For Windows parental controls solutions, check out the list of top-rated solutions on Top Ten Reviews.

2) Mac: For Mac parental controls solutions, Top Ten Reviews also provides a list of top-rated Mac solutions.

3) Android: For Android, check out the list of top-rated parent controls solutions on PC Mag’s website.

4) Apple iOS: To access the tools built-in already in the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, go to Apple’s website.

5) Kindle Fire: For the Kindle Fire HD, go to the LapTop Magazine article with how-to’s.

Make and keep a New Year’s resolution that matters at home.

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