Low Carb Foods for Kids


While many adults choose a low-carb diet for weight loss, a diet low in carbs presents risks for kids, according to WebMD. Replacing sugary treats with low-carb foods is a better option, but consult your child’s doctor before severely restricting his carb intake. Several low-carb food options fit into a well-balanced diet for kids.

Fruit Art

Fruit pieces offer nutritional value while staying relatively low in carbohydrates. Some adult low-carb diets restrict fruits, but this food group offers a healthy alternative to processed kids’ snacks. Cut fruit, like apples, oranges and melons, into various slices, balls and shapes. Encourage the kids to arrange the fruit pieces on a plate to create a work of edible art. A side of yogurt creates a dip for additional kid appeal. Choose plain yogurt with a small amount of sweetener added to keep the sugar content lower.


Eggs contain protein, a nutrient everyone is encouraged to increase while reducing carbohydrate intake. Eggs are inexpensive and easily prepared. Hard-boiled eggs fit well with a busy lifestyle because you can prepare an entire dozen at a time and store in the refrigerator for instant snacks or mini meals. Deviled eggs present some tasty variety and usually irresistible. Finally, as a meal option, eggs are easily prepared scrambled, fried or as an omelet loaded with healthy vegetables.

Cheese and Meat Shapes

Meat and cheese both fall into the low carbohydrate category. A cookie cutter turns a plain piece of cheese or meat into a child-friendly snack or meal option. Plastic toothpicks work well as mini skewers for chunks of meat and cheese. Another option is to let the kids use hummus as a form of edible paste to hold together pieces of meat and cheese. The kids can build edible walls or buildings with their low-carb food.

Low-Carb Snack Mix

A homemade snack mix means you control the carbohydrates included. Choose a variety of nutritious, low-carb ingredients in the mix, such as popcorn, pretzels, graham cracker pieces, mini rice cakes, nuts and seeds. A dry snack mix travels well, making this a quick snack idea when you’re on the go. The ingredients hold up well to various temperatures and won’t melt or stick together.



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