No-Dye Watercolor Easter Eggs


Want to give your Easter eggs a cool tie dye design? These beautifully decorated eggs are so easy to make with just a few simple ingredients! Supplies Eggs Food coloring Oil White vinegar Water Directions Start with a bowl of hot water, enough that it will completely cover the egg. Add a splash of vinegar. Add several drops of food coloring into the bowl. Then add two tablespoons of oil.

Traditional Easter Recipes: Italian Ricotta Pie


Finally the beautiful weather makes an appearance, the clocks are set ahead and the days are getting longer. Just one glimpse of the purple crocus peeking through the ground can set off an hour of conversation between us about what flowers we will be planting, what colors we should choose, and the yearly banter about who plants the parsley and who plants the basil. Heaven forbid if we both plant the parsley! Important Questions

Ideas To Change Up Your Easter Basket This Year


Thank you Frito-Lay for sponsoring this post. This spring, try the new twist on seasonal snacking! Easter baskets are a childhood favorite and a tradition in our household. But have you ever filled your child’s Easter Basket and dreaded the idea of all the candy wrappers and half eaten chocolate candies strewn across the living […]

Sparkly Glitter Easter Eggs


Does your family decorate eggs for Easter? Find out how to make sparkly, glittery eggs that never go bad. They’re perfect for holiday decorating or as beautiful table centerpieces. Supplies Eggs Mod Podge Paint brush Glitter Directions Start with a blown out egg. (Check out the tutorial for how to blow out an egg here.)

Sweet And Savory Easter Ham Recipe


Stressed about Easter dinner? Don’t be. Impressing the in-laws is easy with this delicious ham recipe. Top off this savory ham with a sweet gravy to wow them at the table. Ingredients: 1 whole boneless ham 1 small bottle of cherries Ground cloves 1 can pineapple slices Toothpicks 1 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup honey 3 tablespoons cornstarch Brown sugar and honey (optional)

How To Blow Out Eggs


Decorating blown eggs are a great alternative to hardboiled – mostly because they never go bad! But how do you get the insides out without cracking those shells wide open? Don’t fret! Jessie Jane from Lilyshop shared a great tutorial for blowing out eggs, so you’ll have everything you need for all those fun craft projects on Pinterest. Supplies

Unique Easter Basket Ideas for Teens


Thank you Frito-Lay for sponsoring this post. This spring, try the new twist on seasonal snacking! So, what do you do when your child becomes a teen and outgrows the little Easter toys and trinkets that the little ones love? Well, it’s tough since teens are notoriously hard to shop for any time of year. […]

Homemade Easter Egg Lollipops Made From Jolly Ranchers


Homemade lollipops sounds like a great idea, but let’s face it – they can be a big-time mess! Luckily, we’ve got a fun holiday recipe for Easter egg lollipops out of Jolly Ranchers. They’re super-simple to make, and clean-up is a breeze. Now there’s no reason to be afraid of homemade candy! Ingredients Jolly Ranchers Candy sticks Silpat Directions Place the Jolly Ranchers like this on your Silpat:

5 Clever Easter Egg Hunt Twists That Your Kids Will Love!


The Easter egg hunt is a classic tradition but there’s nothing wrong with switching it up once in awhile! So why not give your family’s egg hunt a clever new twist this year? Here’s a few of our favorite fun ideas: Easter Coupon Egg Hunt Instead of hiding jellybeans in the egg, try creating homemade coupons and stuffing it with those instead. The personalized coupons might be for a little extra TV time, an extra bedtime story, or a treat. It’s a great alternative to sugary candies! Math Egg Hunt