6 Secrets to Raising a Happy Child


For the world, the unattainable question is: “What is the secret of the universe?” For the parent, it’s: How can I raise happy children?” In reality, there is no single answer or way to make your kids happy. Every child has a different personality and different needs you’ll need to address.  Happy children grow into […]

7 Things My Five-Year Old Taught Me


1. Enjoy the moment. Kids live fully in the present. No rush, no future worrying, no past regrets. The bug they started to observe on the way to the grocery store is the most important thing at this moment and the most valuable experience. 2. Patience. I must admit, it was never my strongest quality, […]

The Legal Docs You Need To Protect Your Family


This following post is written in partnership with Bloomwell. As parents we do everything we can to protect our children. But there is one super important thing that many of us put off doing, and that’s obtaining legal documents to protect our children if we are away from home (like when we use a babysitter […]

When Your Daughter Is Getting Married (And You Have 6 Kids)


When my children were young I would throw some of the most amazing birthday parties. Every year I would throw six fun birthday parties, one for each child with a theme, decorations, and activities. 20 years later I still bump into to parents and children who share their memories of the Newsome kids’ birthday parties. […]

How Concerned Should We Be About Our Teens


I am raising three teenagers. Their behavior frustrates me. The risks they take terrify me. But a new Federal survey conducted among 50,000 teenagers shows that I’m dead wrong to be so amped up. Because today’s teens are actually far more mature and responsible than I was at their age. Here’s the good news for […]