10 Things I Want My Daughter To Know


The other day one of my teenage daughters told me she was going to delete her Facebook page. She said she kept noticing that her mood and the way she felt about herself changed whenever she was logged on. She felt pressured about her looks and her social life; basically, she was not feeling good about herself whenever she was using Facebook.

A Boy With A Dream So Big It Changed The World


“I want to tell people that you can make a difference in the world. Anytime you want.” Dylan Siegel, 10 years old The following is a true love story – of love between friends, a mom’s love for her son, and a boy with a dream so big it changed the world. Of all the […]

The Four Seasons Of Motherhood


Season 1 (aka The Rookie Season)~ You just had your first child and everything is blissfully beautiful. Although you’re only a couple weeks into this new season of life, you can’t possibly imagine what life would be like without your new bundle of pure cuteness, and you can’t fathom the idea of your heart holding […]

Symptoms of Pregnancy If HCG Injection Is Taken


What to know about your symptoms after taking hCG injections during IVF You have been dreaming of this moment since you were a young gal. Meet the perfect guy, enjoy married bliss and eventually it’s time to start a family of your own. You are so excited. You dream about how you will dress your […]

Signs That Your Toddler Has Been Touched Inappropriately


The thought of someone harming your toddler is enough to give you nightmares, and you do everything you can to protect your little one. Sadly, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry reports that approximately 80,000 events of child sexual abuse may not be reported each year. This makes it incredibly important for you […]

Causes of Lethargy in Toddlers


Common Causes of Lethargy in Toddlers Parents just know when something is off with their child. That doesn’t always mean they know the source of the problem. If your child is exhibiting signs of lethargy, it is important to immediately consider possible causes. Lethargy in toddlers can be a symptom of a serious medical condition, […]