How Much TV is Your Child Watching?


It will not come as a surprise to any of us, but according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,nearly all (98.5%) youth aged 12-15 reported watching TV daily. Ninety-one % used computers daily.

Excessive screen-time behaviors, such as using a computer and watching TV for more than 2 hours has been linked to high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and obesity among children.

In 2012, one-quarter (25%) of boys and less than one-third  (29%) of girls aged 12-15 met the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended limit of 2 hours or less of screen time daily. These percentages included video games as well as TV and computer use and do not include class time use.

Generally speaking, boys log in more screen time than girls or at least are more likely to admit it.

My guess is that children are apt to underestimate their screen time. Do you know how much time your child really spends staring at one screen or another during the day?

What’s your child doing right now? Hopefully she or his is reading a book, unfortunately mine is not.





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