A Return to Kindness



There are times when I can feel myself getting out of control. Times when I say to myself you need to take a chill pill! The truth is I can’t always account for why I am feeling strung out. I love my life. I have everything I need. I have faith that my future will unfold as it should, and wonderful opportunities will arise as the past has shown me. So why do I get stressed out?

Questions fly through my mind. Did I sleep well? Did I eat enough protein? Am I stressed about something in particular? Am I pushing down feelings? I don’t always have the answer to why, but what I do know is the next step to take – kindness.

Kindness to myself. Kindness to my loved ones who experience my moods first hand with me. These are the times I aim to snap out of my funk by being kind. Showing extra kindness for no apparent reason is the best chill pill I know of, and a nice cup of steaming green tea doesn’t hurt either!

Friends, remember kindness when you need it the most!

Much Love



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