What is Beautiful?


Have you ever noticed the beauty in the ordinary? It occurred to me that we spend so much time trying to improve things, fix them, and make them look better when there is a rich amount of beauty in the natural, the ordinary.

The beauty of something as simple as a pencil strewn out on a table, with infinite possibilities to write. How gorgeous the person who picks up the pencil looks with expressions of thought across their face. The shoes thrown on the floor, toppled, pretty and worn. The discarded petals the houseplant delicately drops to the floor. A book left open to a page filled with inspiring words. Exquisite flowering weeds popping out of the garden making their presence known.

Maybe it is not perfect that’s pretty? Maybe what is breathtakingly beautiful is ordinary? Could it be that we’ve forgotten, been distracted by our magazines, the TV, the internet?

There is no beauty like the ocean, the sand, the tree. The old and untamed forests. The glorious mountains that flirt with the sky.

The next time you are feeling ordinary I want you to do me a favor. Take a look in the mirror, no make-up, no extras, just you

and remember…

There is no beauty like you!


Then pass it on because there is someone who has forgotten and needs to know too!



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