My Most Memorable Year


After last night’s emotional Dancing with the Stars, the Twitter chatter was rolling in on my phone.  Many asked what my “personal story” would have been….

It’s an eye-opening soul search, trying to pinpoint the “Most Memorable” year in one’s life.  For me, it was the year 2000 when I became a mother.

I remember distinctly the moment my oldest, Neriah, was born.  That moment when suddenly someone mattered more than me.  Living in a shallow modeling/entertainment world at the time had me surrounded by so many superficial things.  I was the first of all my friends (single city!) to get pregnant and I found my self in unchartered water, not married and totally unprepared for Parentville.  What I did have going for me though, was the motherly instinct and a deep desire to have a family.

Becoming a mother quickly grounded me, and gave my crazy life meaning.  It also made me grow up really fast! Knowing that someone would be counting on me for the rest of her life gave my life a sense of responsibility that I needed.  Being a mother is my greatest achievement and everything I do pales in comparison.  I am so blessed to have four beautiful, healthy children and be married to a man I’m still in love with.  I am also grateful every day to have the opportunity to do what I do and work in the entertainment industry, but all that is just icing on my cake.

Being in mother has been an incredible learning experience for me.  My kids educate me every day and on MOST days fill my life with warmth, laughter and love. In an interview last week, a journalist asked me what my last laugh was. Laughter is the best medicine I know.  Truth is, my kids crack me up all the time.

Here are some of the funny moments they have shared with me:

  • Last week at the diner table, “Mommy, I can’t eat my steak, I am a vegematarian now!” – Rain


  • “Why is the moon following us?” – young Neriah


  • While watching DWTS on the couch as a family, Shaya blurts out, “Wow! Two Mommies!!!”


  • In my closet with my older daughter, she asked “Are thongs uncomfortable?”  Wait it gets worse…”Can you take me shopping at Victoria’s Secret?”


  • “Mommy, we’re getting old.” – Rain, 4 years old


  • “I have 8 dollars, I’m buying dinner.” – Shaya


  • “I’m gonna have 40 kids and a wife like you Mommy.” – Shaya


  • “OMG! – You’re stylist sees you naked!  I’m telling Papa!” – Rain


  • In a school report on parent professions, Sierra said, “My Mommy is doctor, she fixes all the owies!”



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