DWTS Season 14: What’s Your Favorite Look?


Steven Lake and Kristin Confer make up Perfect Hair Duo…the PhD of hair, bring over 30 years of experience, education, and teaching to the hair industry.

Their passion and insight set this Perfect Hair Duo up for success in creating, recreating, and sharing their vision and creativity behind the chair and on set.

Bonus Look: How to get Brooke Burke’s DWTS look from Week 3.

Every week, Brooke Burke goes from “Mom” to “Glam” on DWTS! Here are some tips to help our modern moms recreate these looks at home:

Sophisticated High Bun – One of PhD’s favorite looks

Steven wanted to accentuate the contours of the gown by creating a high and sleek look, as to not distract from the dress.

Create this loose elegant look in these easy steps.

1. Following a good blowout, pull the hair high and tight into three ponies at the crown.

2. Wrap each pony around itself loosely, flat to the head securing with bobby pins.

3. Using a wavy hairpiece, wrap the hairpiece around all three ponies at top of head, securing with bobby pins.

Extra Tips

  • Loosely tug at the bun creating the desired size and shape.


  • Use a hand mirror to check the profile and back.


  • Use a toothbrush and gel around hair line to polish this look. 

PhD wants to know, “What is YOUR favorite look from Season 14?”


Steven Lake – Celebrity Hair Stylist
“How you feel affects how you look.”
Steven Lake, Hollywood celebrity hairstylist and Haircare Expert, is passionate about expressing personality through hairstyles, from everyday chic to sexy.  Currently represented by BX2 Management, Steven has worked on Magazine Covers, Red Carpet Events, Commercials, Television Shows and Photo Shoots around the world. Most recently Steven brings his philosophy of teamwork, personal expression and fun to the set with Brooke Burke on Dancing With The Stars, Carmen Elektra, Carson Kressley, and Tori Spelling, to name a few.  Steven’s inside out beauty philosophy offers clients a glimpse into what makes them unique from within and the hairstyle that expresses that.
Kristin Confer – Salon Owner
“Inner beauty is sustainable.”
Kristin Confer, Haircare Expert and the Los Angeles owner of Salon Inside Out is zealous about his inside out beauty philosophy. Kristin has been a frequent speaker at professional hair shows and a guest artist in salons globally, where he generously shares his life concepts about those inner/outer connections and how they can be orchestrated to create an unforgettable, lasting, individual experience. As a stylist, educator, and salon owner, Kristin offers his cherished clients the experience of slowing down, catching their breath, and being present long enough to acknowledge themselves.  Clients leave knowing they have what it takes, inside and outside, to create whatever it is they want in their lives.
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