5 Kid-Friendly Apps That Parents Will Love


The following is a sponsored post by Toca Boca

Have you ever searched the App Store for a fun kids app only to end up paying $9.99 for arbitrary coins that allow your child to play longer than five minutes?

The app store can be a difficult space to navigate. While the products aren’t physical, there are bright colors, familiar characters and free-to-play versions of mostly every app vying for you and your child’s attention.

But what are you getting yourself into when you press the install button? Will there be in-app purchases that cost $39.99? Or an ad telling your little one to “Buy Me!” or “Try Now!”? Not when you download a Toca Boca app! These apps are kid-tested and parent-approved!

Toca Boca makes digital toys that allow children to learn using their creativity, imagination and love of play. You’ll never have to worry about an in-app purchase or bothersome third-party advertisement interrupting your child’s experience.  All Toca Boca apps contain minimal language and are designed so kids can start exploring the second an app starts running, making the apps easy to understand and fun to play. At Toca Boca, apps are made and designed with the child and parent in mind.

Toca Hair Salon 2

Hot pink curly hair and purple bangs? Why not! In Toca Hair Salon 2, you can create whatever look you want. Cut, grow, curl and style your way through six silly customers, all looking for something different.  By watching facial expressions, kids can gain an understanding for what the customer likes and doesn’t like. Don’t forget to snap a photo of your funky ‘do and share with family.

Toca Cars

VROOOOM! Race around the 100% recycled cardboard world of Toca Cars. Cruise through ice cream puddles, jump over the lake and take any detour you want. Off-roading is not only recommended, it’s required. Kids are encouraged to explore and create as they make their way through Toca Cars land. Helmets come standard!

Toca Kitchen Monsters

Who’s been eating all the lemons!? That would be Gomez, the Kitchen Monster, who wears a banana peel as a hat.  In this fun cooking app, kids are the chefs. Grill up a fish, blend a tomato or season a sausage. Then feed the hungry monster and see if he likes his tasty treat. If he doesn’t like it, he’ll let you know! Then just make him something new. (Also available in vegetarian mode. Just go to settings on your phone, scroll down and click on Toca Kitchen Monsters, click vegetarian mode and viola!)

Toca Tailor

Do you have a budding fashionista on your hands? In Toca Tailor you get to design your own clothes with no sewing machine required. Use cool color swatches to make a fun shirt or create your own patterns by snapping a picture of a Picasso, your favorite toy or your best friend. Once you’ve created a masterpiece head over to the accessory closet and finish up the look with shoes and a cozy scarf. Or maybe a silly hat and stunner shades? You decide!

Toca Doctor

Going to the doctor’s office can be scary for adults, so just imagine how kids feel. Turn that trip into a fun visit with Toca Doctor!  It’s important to know that doctors are good for you, and your little one can help by pulling out splinters or bandaging up a boo-boo.  In Toca Doctor, a little love goes a long way with 21 puzzles and mini-games. Next stop, medical school!

Learn more about all the apps mentioned above at TocaBoca.com 



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