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My higher self does not want me to yell. It is the rest of me that is struggling with it!

This isn’t my first post about yelling, but man it would be freakin great if it was my last! Yelling really bothers me. Yet, you’d never know that if you listened to our morning routine some days.

Yelling make me feel like crap! It makes me feel guilty. According to Heal Your Body by Louise Hay, guilt can be translated into the body as middle back pain. Check – sometimes I have that, but I usually like to blame it on tough exercises. Inflexibility and stubbornness, who me? Isn’t every parent? This may be expressed in the body as neck pain. You mean it’s not just from sitting at the computer too long using a mouse?

If you think about it you can come up with a million excuses for any pain in your body. Believe me I have! When you’ve had enough and you are ready to get real with yourself, ask what is at the root of the pain? Having the book Heal Your Body in my bedside table helps keep me in check with my authentic self. I know that the power to change is always within me.

Kids have this tendency to want to push back against parents with brushing their teeth, brushing their hair, getting dressed, putting dishes away, making beds, going to the bathroom. I’d keep listing but the internet may not be big enough. This is simply part of the child’s DNA. Trust me, it’s in the handbook!

We all know the key to happiness is accepting you cannot control what others do, just how you react. Well crap if I keep knocking my heard against a wall and resort to yelling after the umpteenth time of repeating myself. Please someone invent a robot to follow the kids around repeating itself because I know the robot won’t start yelling, it will probably just run out of batteries.

The morning starts with good intentions and me looking my kids directly in their eyes asking them nicely to do the same thing as yesterday- put their clothes on, underwear first. Even though we give ourselves plenty of time, when the minutes unwind closer to the infamous circle time that is when the yelly Mommy rears her ugly head.

Who wants to drop their kid off at school after yelling at them about stupid things like getting the food bugs off their teeth? No one. Not me!

I know this parent-child battle will continue long after I am dead, but I’d love to change my part now and stop resorting to yelling. I really don’t want to yell, almost as stubbornly as I want my kids to go to the bathroom when they 1st have to pee!

When I envision my children being adults, maybe parents one day, I don’t want them to become yelly monsters with their kids. Therefore, I know I am responsible for setting the example now. It may kill me in the process, but I am determined to cut out the yelling permanently. I despise it I say! This post is a desperate plea to find someone with children who has successfully completed this mission. Is there anyone out there? If so, I really hope you find me.

Please give me your tips!

How do you successfully restrain yourself from yelling when the child DNA is driving you mad?


Please help me figure this out before my kids become teenagers (I’ve heard many frightening stories) or I might just crack!



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