Brands of Home Pregnancy Tests

A home pregnancy tests will let you know whether you’re pregnant long before you can get in to see the doctor. When you go out to purchase one — or three — however, you’ll find that there are many different versions of the tests. There are benefits to all types, so be sure to choose the one that’s right for you.

Brand Name Pregnancy Tests

Clearblue Easy, e.p.t., Fact Plus and First Response are the brand name tests you’re most likely to see on the store shelves. Prices vary based on the type of test and the number of tests in the package, but these are the most expensive options.

Generic Home Pregnancy Tests

Most stores additionally sell a generic version of a home pregnancy test, marketed under the store’s generic name. For example, Walmart sells under the Equate brand, and Eckard sells under the same name. You’ll find the New Choice brand at Dollar Tree. These tests are similar to the brand name versions, but are less expensive.

“Internet Cheapies”

Pregnancy tests cost little to make and often have a high markup. Internet sites sell extremely cheap versions of pregnancy tests, often for a dollar or less per test. These are small strips that you dip into collected urine. They can be just as effective as brand name or generic pregnancy tests.

Home Pregnancy Test Options

There are different types of pregnancy tests, and you may prefer one over the other. For example, the traditional pregnancy test features lines that appear if you are pregnant. In some cases, these can be difficult to read. Digital tests are more expensive, but they remove the guesswork. They simply tell you that you are “pregnant” or “not pregnant.” Clearblue Easy and First Response both offer digital tests. Most brand name tests are mid-stream tests, which means that you can place them into your urine stream as you go. Some generic versions and the ones you buy from the Internet require you to catch your urine in a cup and dip the test into the urine. Tests also have different sensitivity levels — a lower level costs more but can tell you that you’re pregnant earlier. Check the boxes for sensitivity level.

Choosing a Home Pregnancy Test

If price is one of your biggest concerns or you want to test for pregnancy often, your best option may be to purchase pregnancy tests in bulk online. If your period is several days past due, you are likely to have enough hormones in your urine to test positive on any pregnancy test, so you can choose the cheapest version at the store. If you’re trying to test early, or are squeamish about collecting your urine, opt for a brand name test.



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