On the Set of My New Fitness Series


After a second visit to the ENT to figure out why I’ve been sounding like an old sexy smoker, it turns out I have a little nodule on my vocal cords, so my voice has been really hoarse and strained lately.

My doctor told me no more caffeine, no more wine, and no more chocolate. Since I always have a morning cup of coffee, usually stop by Starbys in the afternoon, and drink green tea throughout the entire day – this is going to be really challenging!

Not sure what’s worse, a Rod Stewart voice or no caffeine. Good news is my nodule is benign and now I’m hopefully on a plan to start sounding like myself again. It’s always something…  I just added voice therapy to my chaotic schedule. Gotta do what I gotta do! :)

(My nodule)

But this means that I have to be smarter in the way that I eat. Rather than depending on coffee for energy, I have to prepare healthy, balanced meals for a boost of energy. As for the wine… I mean, kill me now!

Right now, it’s Wednesday night and I’m getting ready for tomorrow – I have 20 hours of fitness coming up in the next 48 hours. We are shooting all 5 of my upcoming DVDs – three 20 minute Ab Workout DVDs, a Cardio DVD and a Tone and Tighten DVD. (You can start transforming your body today with my current workout series – available here.) 

I am very excited and can’t wait to share them with everyone!

(On the set)

Here’s a snapshot of how I’ve been eating during my DVD shoot:


Morning: I had my usual AM shake.

Lunch: I was running around like a fool between doctor’s appointments with my daughter and we were both starving! So I took her to Burger King and got her a kid’s meal – which was a special occasion, let me tell ya! I got myself a grilled chicken wrap and just ate the chicken out of it. 

Dinner: Since I have a really, really demanding day on Thursday, I wanted to fuel up. So I went to the market, bought a beautiful salmon steak, came home, and grilled it. I had a mixed green salad with my usual lemon, shallot dressing and a fresh batch of quinoa.


Another 12 hour day – crazy! Super sore yesterday. Probably one of my most challenging days. But I feel so lucky and blessed to be LOVING what I do. I have a great team and I can’t wait to show everyone all the moves we have been working on. It is going to be my favorite DVD series yet!

Morning: I started with my AM shake.

Snack: I packed almonds, cashews, and some seaweed snacks to munch on throughout the day for fuel.

Lunch: For lunchtime, I made a power shake – a banana, spoon full of almond butter, coconut water, whey protein and 369 Omega Oils – to give me some extra power and fat. It is really difficult for me to eat and be on set. I had my lunch later in the day. I had a piece of grilled salmon with cucumbers and avocados.

Dinner: When I got home, I had some quinoa and some grilled chicken. Got myself into a hot Epsom salt bath to stretch out my body, and put myself to bed early. Eight hours of sleep – that is crucial!

Tip: If you are eating clean and lean but feeling low energy, try introducing some good fats into your meals! Salmon, avocado, almonds, cashews, etc. Omega oils are SUPER important for vitality, hair and skin. You can also try a power shake! My power shake includes half a banana, berries, peanut butter, coconut water and omega oils.

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