Movie Night Made Better: New App Prevents Bladder Attack!


Date night has changed quite a bit since we had kids.

Before our son was born, my husband, Brian, and I went to concerts, ate expensive meals and stayed out until at least 11 p.m. We didn’t have a set day or time for our dates, we just went when and where the mood led us.

I know, we party hard.

Like the Puritans.

Two kids into this parenting thing, and we’re scraping for every moment of free time we can get. Fortunately, we have a babysitter who, although she has a full-time job, agrees to give us that much-needed time together once a week.

We’re still on the hunt for a daytime babysitter who can save me the embarrassment of grocery shopping with children. But that’s not going so well

Date night now looks a bit more grown up:

  • We usually eat an expensive meal at Chipotle (because, when you have two kids in diapers, “expensive” has a whole new meaning).


  • We browse through Target and pick out toys we would buy for our kids if we didn’t think they were already too spoiled.


  • We listen to some riveting talk radio as we drive through the beautiful Kansas countryside.


Seriously. It’s a wonder we have friends.

But my favorite date night also includes a trip to the movies. Which brings me to the point of this post.

Last week, my hubby and I went to see The Words starring Badley Cooper, Dennis Quaid and Olivia Wilde. It would have been a great film if it wasn’t so horribly predictable. It’s ironic, really, since the whole premise is about a great story. And it wasn’t.


Anyhow, my husband is forever on the hunt for great apps, and he came across one that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE if you’ve ever had a baby. Or a small bladder. Or if you enjoy the 120 ounce drinks you can get at the movie theater — unless you go with Mayor Bloomberg. In that case, fahgettaboudit!

This life-altering app is called Run Pee by polyGeek Entertainment.

Basically, you go to a movie, open the free app, hit the “start” button during the opening credits, and it will alert you when there is a lull in the action. Insert:  Mad dash to the facilities. It will also give you a synopsis of what you missed while you’re passing 120 ounces of Coke (yes, I’m a Southerner).

Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?

Even more fun is the feature that lets you know if there is anything to see after the closing credits. Now you don’t have to sit there like a moron after the theater has already cleared.

Not that I’ve done this.

Thanks, Run Pee! I think you may have singlehandedly saved lots of movie-goers from a bladder tack. Well, you and Mayor Bloomberg.



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