It’s Emmy Sunday!
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It’s Emmy Sunday!

It’s Emmy Sunday, 8 a.m., I’m sitting outside enjoying a cup of coffee, reading a fashion magazine and listening to my children’s laughter as they run through the sprinklers.

It will be a manic day getting ready for the Emmy Red Carpet while calming my hopeful nerves to maybe take home a win for DWTS this year.  My partner Tom Bergeron is also nominated and so deserving.  Go Bergeron!

Most people assume the worst so as not to be disappointed if they don’t win, but I like to channel all the positive vibes, cross my fingers and hope for the best.  It’s a fun day, but oh-what-an-ordeal to get ready for the show.  Not to mention it’s the night before our Dancing with the Stars premiere, so NO after-parties for me, I will need to rest up for another big day tomorrow.

Last night I lay in bed with my kids, reading a story, scratching their backs, a bit melancholy knowing that I will miss some nights like this as I head back into Season 15 of TV-ville.  I truly love what I do professionally, but I miss the mommy moments when I am away from home.  I cherish my family moments, busy or not because I know how time flies and there is never enough time shared together.

I moved back into my DWTS dressing room this weekend.  It’s strangely peaceful considering it is my resting cave before a LIVE stressful show.  I’ve made it as calming as possible, baby blue walls in my sitting room and sunlight yellow in my make-up area.  My mother-in-law painted some gorgeous art, which decorate my walls, and my family memories adorn the other areas.

My Glam Squad, whom you may know from their weekly Modern Mom fashion updates, will bring their best fashion tear sheets to make a beauty collage in our make-up room.  We pull lots of pictures from different magazines to inspire our looks each week.  It’s not easy to come up with 20 plus looks, keep it ballroom glam but not too over the top and not repetitive of weeks’ past.  Emmy day is much the same, but mainly one look waiting to be praised or criticized.

If you want a closer look behind the scenes, check out this segment on GMA that we did searching for the perfect dress, VERY Challenging!

I’ll start getting ready at 1:00 today, spend 2 hours in hair and make up, then I’ll squeeze into my gown, @Justin Ducoty will bring out the jewels, shoes and bags to finish off our look and I hope to be in the car by 3:30 heading to the venue.

Once there, I will spend an hour on the red carpet, talking to everyone, taking pics and waiting for the red carpet shred, LOL!…I know the drill by now and only hope for positive coverage and not to end up with Joan Rivers on Fashion Police!  I’m sure the talk of the press line for me will be all about the Dancing With The Stars All Star cast and our premiere tomorrow night at 8pm on ABC.

I can’t wait! It should be the most exciting and most competitive season ever.

I hope to see you there, if not sooner on the red carpet tonight at the Emmys….hope I chose the right dress 🙂















First peek at my Swarovski Emmy purse. Should’ve just bedazzled my phone, damn thing won’t fit! That’s what hubbys are for!

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