Which Cities Are The Most Working-Mom Friendly?
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Which Cities Are The Most Working-Mom Friendly?

Which city is the best place for working moms to live? 

According to the list-masters over at ForbesWoman, it’s Buffalo, New York!

The magazine cited healthy employment levels, “lower than average crime rates,” the highest per student expenditures “of any city on our list” as well as a “low cost of living” as among the myriad reasons for Buffalo’s success.

“It’s clear Buffalo is an attractive locale for savvy working mothers,” noted the article, citing a financial planner who says “there is also an uptick in female entrepreneurs in the area.”

The rankings were based on several different factors: “It takes much more than a steady paycheck and healthy employment rate to land a city on our list. Safety, healthcare and education rank high on a working mother’s list of priorities.” 

Here’s the full list – The Top 10 Best Cities for Working Mothers

1. Buffalo, New York

2. Columbus, Ohio

3. Hartford, Connecticut

4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

5. Virginia Beach/Newport News, Virginia

6. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

7. Richmond, Virginia 

8. Boston, Massachusetts

9. Washington, D.C. area

10. Cleveland, Ohio

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