How To Get Energized First Thing in the Morning
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How To Get Energized First Thing in the Morning

With fall just around the corner and school starting back up, it’s the perfect time to talk about uplifting routines. I love summer, but I’m actually ready to get some more routine back in my life again, you?

There is one simple way I start off my day to maximize my energy in the morning. It’s so straightforward anyone can do it. I recommend everyone give it a try for 2 weeks to see how it transforms your life.

In fact, it’s so easy you’ll probably be left wondering, really that’s it? How can it possibly boost your energy that much? You’ll have to trust me on this until you give it a try for yourself.

Every night before I go to bed, I fill up a glass Mason jar with water and set it on my bedside table. I like to put the lid on to keep the water from getting dusty. In the morning, before I even move a muscle or think, I reach over from my cozy blankets and drink my jar of water. By the time I’ve finished I’m actually ready to get out of bed. Hydrated and rearing to start the day!

When I first start drinking the water I’m usually thinking I don’t want to get out of bed and I’m really glad I have the built in excuse of sitting under my covers for a little longer while I drink my water. By the time I’m half way through the jar I can feel my cells awaking with hydration. The dryness in my skin and eyes from sleeping all night disappears and my energy level rises. By the time I’m done with the water I have energy to get out of bed, and I am totally ready to get up at that point.

Starting the day off with one good choice not only impacts the beginning of the day, it ripples out into the rest of the day as well. One good choice, leads to another, leads to another. The impact of the simple choice of drinking water first thing in the morning before doing anything else has an overall profound effect. Give it a try for 2 weeks to get used to forming the habit and you’ll soon see exactly what I’m talking about.

The importance of drinking water right after waking, I first learned from the book WomanCode by Alisa Vitti, and then was reintroduced to it and inspired by reading The Body Book by Cameron Diaz. These ladies go into more detail about all the great benefits of drinking water first thing in the morning from keeping you hydrated, energized, to even regular.

This simple water drinking routine has made my mornings so much brighter. I feel extremely passionate about it, so I just had to share it with you. By the time I’ve gotten out of bed I’ve already consumed almost half my water needs for the average day. One smart choice, which leads to many more and great results!

Wishing you happy, hydrated mornings!

With love,

Wendy Irene

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