Interview with Women’s Health Expert Alisa Vitti
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Interview with Women’s Health Expert Alisa Vitti

Welcome, friends! I am so pleased to share with you today an interview with Alisa Vitti, a holistic health counselor and functional nutritionist.

The first time I was inspired by Alisa’s message was on the Dr. Oz show. She has also been featured on CBS, Fox News, HuffPost Live, Life & Style, Natural Health, and The knowledge that Alisa shares has helped me to clean up my diet even more, and for that I am extremely grateful.

Alisa shows women how to feel better and reclaim their health a natural way. Through her food sequencing techniques, Alisa helps women:

  • Have an easy, pain-free period (kiss PMS goodbye!)
  • Get pregnant successfully, even in their 40s
  • Eliminate mood problems, such as PMS, anxiety, and depression
  • Lose weight effortlessly, even after having a baby
  • Boost energy levels and sex drive


What are some of the signs that a woman may be experiencing a hormonal imbalance?

If you’re one of the 40+ million women who are suffering from hormonal imbalances, you might notice any one of these signs: irregular periods, painful periods, low energy, no or low libido, stubborn weight gain, acne or other skin issues, fertility challenges, depression, anxiety, mood swings, and more.

Oftentimes, women dealing with these symptoms are prescribed costly drugs that bombard their bodies with unpleasant side effects—and many fail at even addressing the issue and making the root problem go away.  There is a natural way for women to feel better and reclaim their health. Along the way, they will tap into a beautiful, vital, and powerful feminine energy that lives within all women. That potential is just waiting to be unlocked!

I’m a big believer that food is medicine. Are there certain foods we can eat to help us achieve balance?

Yes! In fact, it’s about eating foods throughout your monthly cycle that help to balance your hormones and life overall. The plan I created works on a four-week cycle, just like your cycle. This process regulates hormone distribution so your endocrine system gets the right variety of the key micronutrients it needs to produce optimal hormone levels, and it incorporates foods that help break down excess estrogen.  This plan is good for women whether they are menstruating or no longer menstruating because hormones effect everything that’s happening in our bodies; whether you have an actual cycle or not, your body is always churning out varying levels of hormones.

Here’s how it goes:

Week One: Sprouted and fermented foods. Sauerkraut, Kim chi, bean sprouts, broccoli sprouts & sprouted Ezekiel bread. These foods contain 3-endole-carbinol, which helps the body metabolize and break down estrogen. This is important during the first week as estrogen begins to rise.

Week Two: Raw juices and fresh veggies. Beets, lemon, kale, apple, celery & ginger along with any fresh, raw veggies. Any raw fresh veggies help to offset the surge of estrogen in the body during this week, as antioxidants in fiber break down and move estrogen out of the body. Raw juices and fresh veggies also ensure that the liver gets the micronutrient glutathione, which is required to break down estrogen in the liver. Glutathione is only available in raw fruits & vegetables.

Week Three: Grains and greens. Quinoa, buckwheat, bok choy, kale, escarole, and Swiss chard. During this week, estrogen and progestin rise quickly and then plummet. This affects brain chemistry, and in turn, mood. Grains, B-vitamins in particular, give your body the building blocks to produce serotonin to help keep moods stable.

Week Four: Healthier fats and root vegetables. Salmon, avocados, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, and beets. Hormone levels are down this week and essential fatty acids help stabilize mood and energy. Additionally, root veggies give the body vitamin A, which is required to help the liver process estrogen.

What foods should we avoid?

I call the foods and other substances we should avoid “FLO Blockers” because they interrupt the natural, cyclical flow of our hormonal balance. These primarily include processed foods and sugar, and for many women gluten and dairy products as well. Every woman’s biochemistry is unique, so we are careful about guiding each woman into discovering her own balance and what might or might not work for her body.

What helps you to live a life of health and wellness?

I always knew I wanted to be in women’s healthcare but it’s really joyful to be able to help women through the WomanCode protocol. When I was going through my health crisis, I felt so alone and scared and I wished at that time that there had been something for me to click on and follow so I could move on quickly with my life. I promised myself that if I got better, I would do that for other women and so it brings me great joy to bring that to the mainstream. No woman should feel that she’s the only one going through hormonal health issues. No woman should walk around and think it’s something they have to deal with. It’s so easy and affordable and universally acceptable to address hormonal health because of the technology we use.

Thank you very much for teaching us how to optimize our health and happiness, Alisa!

Friends, please share this valuable information with the women you know, and help them on the road to good health!

With love, gratitude, and happy hormonal health,

Wendy Irene

Alisa Vitti’s Bio: Alisa Vitti is a passionate voice and leader in women’s hormonal health. In her new book, WomanCode: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive and Become a Power Source (HarperOne, May 2013), Alisa will reveal her revolutionary five-step protocol to help women optimize their health and happiness. Endorsed by medical leaders such as Dr. Christiane Northrup and Dr. Frank Lipman, Alisa Vitti’s WomanCode is the new modern woman’s handbook for reclaiming her vitality, which will allow her to rock her purpose and live her best life.

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