Style Trends for Spring 2013
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Style Trends for Spring 2013

The sun is setting a little later these days and even though it’s still pretty cold out there, now’s the time to plan that spring wardrobe. 

There are some really fun new trends for 2013, so rev up your engines ladies….here we go!

1. Bold Stripes are big for spring – the bolder the better!  They’re stylish, dramatic and will put some pep in your step!  The key to this trend is to balance two separate colors and not to wear a rainbow of colors.  You’ll see this trend in pants (horizontal stripes), pant suits, dresses, t shirts – all so cute!

2. Ruffles – nothing overly frilly or girly – we’re talking larger sleek, sophisticated ruffles that are used more sparingly.  You’ll see them in dresses, skirts and tops looking very chic and elegant.

3. Black and White – a dominating color combo this spring that gives a nod to the 1960’s mod look.  (As do the bold stripes mentioned above!)  You really can’t go wrong with black and white – the combo looks great in just about everything, and you’ll have no shortage to choose from, you’ll be seeing it everywhere!

4. Statement Sunglasses are a big trend and you’ll be seeing so many fun styles!  Anything from cool shaped glasses to fun colors or wacky prints.  Here is a way to really add a little pizzazz to your wardrobe without having to break the bank (depending on what glasses you buy!)   Pick up a few fun pair so you can mix it up during the week!

5. All Over Bold Prints & Print Mixing, done thoughtfully, are big this season.  Print Mixing can be a little intimidating, but in many cases you can let the designer do it for you (Remember Mondo from Project Runway?  He’s a print mixing genius!)  Many shirts have contrasting collars, or pants have embellished contrasting waistbands or side stripes so you have your print mixing built in.  But if it still seems too much for you, just buy a fantastic dress with an all over bold print and you’ll look great!

6. Bermuda Shorts are here again and boy are they cute!  Slouchy, casual, comfy – these make for a very wearable trend.  From denim to florals, you’re bound to find a pair that fits your personal style!

Okay, ladies, I hope these tips help as you start to think about updating your wardrobe for spring.  Remember to only buy things you feel comfortable in or else, as we all know, it will just hang in our closet waiting until we donate it in a few months!  Happy shopping!

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