How to Have a Perfectly Organized Playroom
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How to Have a Perfectly Organized Playroom

Arts and crafts are a wonderful addition to any child’s playroom.  It’s keeping them organized amidst the toys and video games that can be a busy mom’s challenge.

Thankfully, when you apply a healthy dose of custom labels, and storage containers, you can corral the clutter without curbing creativity.  If organizing the playroom is on your to-do list, check out these clever organizing tips from Molly Gold, Household Expert for Mabel’s Labels.

1. Designate Activity Zones

Playrooms are multi-use rooms that toys, media, and arts and crafts. Give each activity enough real estate to make play time enjoyable.  Include open space for creative set ups that don’t need to be put away daily and offer seating in media areas to make focused movie or gaming time both comfortable and fun.  And for arts and crafts, provide stain proof surfaces and supplies along with plenty of bins to contain related items.  Choose crafter label packs to help you decide both what to stock and how to group must haves.

2. Location is Everything

Evaluate this space entirely from your child’s perspective.  Place shelving and bins at the right height for each child, offering enough storage for the items they love most.  Color coding does wonders to designate ownership when needed and picture labels make little ones feel big when it comes time to clean up.  For less often used items consider rotating seasonally using custom storage labels on bins for easy identification.

3. The Daily Clean

Teach your children to keep their toys tidy and they’ll always be able to find what they need. Well almost always.  At the end of playtime or the end of the day, simply set the timer for a 10 minute clean up. Thanks to strategically placed storage that is easily identified with descriptive, color coded labels, clean up will be a snap.  The icing on the cake is that your children will earn to take care of their belongings and there truly is a place for everything and everything in its place.

4. Use it or Lose It

Once a quarter, take a pass through the playroom with your kids by your side.  Designate clearly labeled bins or bags as Donate, Store, or Trash. Because the space is multi-use you’ll find this inventory process a great way to not only de-clutter but to make sure that what has a home in the playroom, your kids will truly appreciate and use.  Its never to early to learn that less is more to make sure our homes are filled with items we truly love.

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