17-Year-Old Birthday Party Themes or Ideas
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17-Year-Old Birthday Party Themes or Ideas

A 17th birthday can be a little frustrating. The freedom of adulthood is just outside your child’s reach. For many purposes, he is an adult. And yet he is still at home, still in high school and still under your leadership. Give him a little room on his leash during his 17th birthday party to ensure a happy, satisfied teen.

Sweet Freedom

Give your child and his friends some space during his party. A constant, hovering parent is only going to spoil the mood. Set up the party or activity and excuse yourself to the kitchen or other room, so your daughter can freely discuss the latest boy crushes. Make sure the kids know you are just around the corner and are available at any time.


To determine the perfect theme for the party, think about your child’s latest obsessions. If her walls are full of posters of a certain boy band or singer, base the party on that music. Play the music, decorate the room with posters, and let the girls sing along with the songs. If your son has a stack of sports magazines, plan the party around his favorite sport. Your son and his friends might play that sport, watch a big game regarding that sport or learn more about it at a fantasy training experience.

Keys to Independence

Around age 17, maybe a bit before or after, many kids are getting their licenses and getting their own cars. A 17th birthday is a great time to enjoy a car-themed party. This is ideal for boys or girls, who are equally excited about their motor-run freedom just around the corner. Find a local race car driving course to teach your child and his friends defensive driving lessons, which will make them feel more empowered and help them drive more safely.

A Little Help From My Friends

There is no need to go at this party alone. Your son or daughter likely has an entourage of friends who would be glad to lend a hand in planning the party. Delegate certain responsibilities, such as picking up the cake or choosing some decorations. You may as well let these new drivers enjoy a few errands.

Grown-Up Drinks

Alcoholic drinks are still a few years away and should not be encouraged at this age. However, you can improve on the standard bottle of soda or pitcher of juice that have dominated parties of the past. Make punch, smoothies, frozen drinks or other non-alcoholic mixed drinks for a special treat, without being illegal or unsafe.

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