Go Healthy! Easy Snack Substitutes
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Go Healthy! Easy Snack Substitutes

You have your 3 square meals planned for the day, but what about those snacks in between? Do you find yourself clueless when it comes to healthy snacking? Well don’t fret, because my easy snack guide will help you make better choices in no time. You will be left satisfied and looking good all year round!

Benefits of Snacking

There are many benefits to snacking in between meals. Many people think adding extra food to their day will widen their waste lines, but actually, that is far from the truth. By eating five mini-meals a day–two of them being snacks–you will actually rev up your metabolism and stabilize your blood sugar. This prevents pigging-out come dinner time.

Eating meals every 3-4 hours throughout the day will keep your energy up for every day activities or a great workout. In fact, snacking can help you lose or maintain your weight.

Making the Right Choice

In order to reap these great benefits, the right choice of snacks must be made. Below, I list some of the unhealthy choices you may be making now, and how a slight change can make it a healthy snack. These snacks accommodate vegetarians as well.

If you’re looking for a crunchy, cheesy snack…

Don’t grab for a bag of Cheetos, try Cheddar Mini Rice Cakes instead.
*Calories Saved: 190

If sweet and creamy is your delight…

Forgo the flavored yogurt for plain yogurt, berries, and a few almond slivers.
*Calories Saved: 90

If you’re hankering for something salty…

Leave the Pringles and have Baked Lays instead.
*Calories Saved: 70

Want dessert?

Skip the apple pie and go for a baked apple sprinkled with cinnamon.
*Calories Saved: 270

Have a chocolate craving?

Forget the brownies and go for a piece of dark chocolate.
*Calories Saved: 100

Is portion control your problem?

You can still enjoy Oreos, but go for the 100 calorie pack.
*Calories Saved: 170

Always add fiber

Instead of crackers and peanut butter, have apples and peanut butter.
*Calories Saved: 150

And don’t forget…

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy and lean proteins are the best bets. Make sure to incorporate all of those in your diet. Refer to the food pyramid for exact servings.

About The Author

Joanna Luppino works in the publishing industry and does freelance
writing/blogging on the side. She has written for Westchester Magazine and
Trendsetters Magazine. She was a Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA,
and continues to have an interest in fitness and health. Joanna’s blogs are
about living abundantly, yet simply. Her philosophy is this: Information is
one of the most invaluable gifts to give. Joanna recently received her
Master’s in Publishing, and continues to learn as much as she can daily.

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