Feng Shui 101
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Feng Shui 101

Can changing the placement of the furniture in your home change your life? If you believe in, and follow, the guidelines of Feng Shui, it may. Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is a Chinese philosophy that teaches how to attract energy, know as chi, by arranging a space in a certain way.

Getting Started

What do you need to know before getting started? A bagua, which is essentially a map, is used to layout each area in the house. From the doorway, or the mouth, “Fame/Reputation” is located at the back center. “Prosperity” is located at the back left. “Relationships/Love” is located at the back right. “Family” is located at the left.” Creativity/Children” is located at the right. “Skills/Knowledge” is located at the front left. “Career” is located front and center. “Helpful People” is located at the front right. And the main one, which is “Health,” is located in the center. The space can also be used as a big room and sectioned off that way.

What To Change

The next step is to decide which part of your life you would like to change. A rule of thumb in general is to take a good look at each area of your home, and life. If something is visibly wrong, such as a leaky ceiling, you know that it is blocking the chi and it needs to be fixed. Keep the following in mind when getting yourself in the Feng Shui state-of-mind.


Clean your home to make it clutter-less. Dispose of things you do not need.

Fix It

Repair anything that needs it. Don’t put off those small projects that have been sitting unfinished…

No Procrastinating

Take care of all those pesky little errands you have been putting off.

Think Green

Keep plants around the house as they promote a healthy environment.

Don’t Be A Square

Keep sharp cornered objects to a minimum.

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