HeTexted.Com Helps Decode Digital Dating
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HeTexted.Com Helps Decode Digital Dating

So much of the modern courtship takes place through text message, online chat and e-mails. And since we are living in the digital age, so why not crowdsource relationship advice?

That’s the premise behind HeTexted.com, a new website devoted to helping girls read between the lines of every vague or confusing text message they receive.

“Now you can insert his texts, emails, BBMs or Facebook messages and get some feedback from other girls going through the same thing,” reads the mission statement.

And wow, some of these are absolutely hilarious.

After spending a few minutes browsing through the site for research purposes, I was reminded of all my girlfriends whose willfully obtuse behavior when it comes to guys has made me want to hurl a copy of “He’s Just Not That Into You” at their heads.

But I guess things always seem much clearer from an outside perspective. 

Check out a few highlights below:


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