Election Day: How to Find Your Polling Place
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Election Day: How to Find Your Polling Place

Tuesday is D-Day – time to vote in the 2016 Presidential Elections. One way or another, our Facebook feeds will return to cute puppies and babies.

Wondering where you should go to cast your ballot? Don’t worry! There are several places online where you can find your polling location and other important details.

Here are a few resources for voters:

1. Google Voter Information Tool is probably the easiest option. All you have to do is type in “where to vote” or “voting location” and Google will display a voter information search box. Then just enter your info and your voting location will be shown.

2. The website Vote411.org provides polling place locations, as well as election related information such as early voting options and voter registration forms. We like their handy “Build Your Ballot” tool, which allows you to plan your voting choices ahead of time.

3. Last but not least, Facebook has partnered with Microsoft and the Voting Information Project to offer a way tool that let users find their voting location. It’s called the Polling Place Locator, and it is available via the U.S. Politics on Facebook page.

You’re all set! So get out there and rock the vote!

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