Holiday-Inspired Baby Names
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Holiday-Inspired Baby Names

Many parents who welcome December or January babies may consider holiday-inspired names for their little bundles of joy.

It’s a special way to honor their birth during a season of celebration.

So if you or someone you know needs a little inspiration, here are a few of our favorite festive baby names:

Noelle or Noel – Noel is another word for Christmas

Holly – the symbolic holiday plant

Gabriel – the angel that announced the coming of baby Jesus.

Joy – Joy to the World, Joyeux Noel

Nicholas or Nicole – in honor of Old Saint Nick

Eve – for the Christmas or New Year’s Eve babe

Christopher or Chrissy – taking cues from the name of the season

Estella – means star in Spanish

Cindy Lou – for “Grinch” fans who know the true meaning of Christmas


And here are a few that might be going a little too far…




What’s your favorite holiday inspired baby name?

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