Glorious Sweet Treats from the Rodeo!
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Glorious Sweet Treats from the Rodeo!

The next stop on The Sugar Mommas’ train: the HOUSTON Livestock Show and Rodeo! Jump on board and let out a big Yee Haw!

Sugar Overload

The Sugar Mommas travel near and far to find glorious sweet treats. This led us to Houston, Texas for the annual Livestock Show and Rodeo. Some people go to see cattle, and/or cowboys in Wranglers. We go to eat and see what food trends are emerging from the south. This trip, we had the pleasure of taking a Lil’ Sugar along (age 6) so we could impart the finer tastes in life. After we had our fill of BBQ and Shrimp BLT, we started our sugar overload. First, we headed to Sudie’s for some Banana Pudding. That must have some nutritional value, right?


If this cowboy is eating it, it must be good!


Next, we passed over the fried pickles

And the Chicken Fried Bacon…

We could not disrupt the sweet on our palette with salt.

Next Stop: New Orleans

So we headed to a taste of New Orleans…and sunk our teeth into beignets.

Taste Test

Our 1st grade taste tester (and our cowboy friend) thought Louisiana donuts were quite spectacular.

Fried What?!

To walk off the Beignets, we cruised through some food stalls and found ourselves in front of fried alligator on a stick.


Thank goodness it didn’t have powdered sugar on it or I’d be tempted (or dared) to taste this fine delicacy. Step awayyyyyyy from the gator. They say it tastes like chicken. Hmmm?


We swung back to common ground and found ourselves in front of the carnival showstopper…THE FUNNEL CAKE!

The Icing on the Roll

We were getting full. But on our way out we stumbled upon a Rodeo blue ribbon winner…Cinnamon Rolls. Who could say no to this-


There really isn’t enough will power in the universe.

Make Your Own

If you have not had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Houston Rodeo, you can create a Rodeo theme (aka food fest) right at home. We found Carnival Funnel Cakes and Churros Kits from XCELL International.

Last Notes

Contact (800) 722-7751 to snatch up these items and have fun playing rodeo. We want to thank all of the fine food vendors at the Houston Rodeo for their hospitality.

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