How I Came To ModernMom
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How I Came To ModernMom

I’m so excited to be part of Modern Mom. I love reading Brooke and Lisa’s entries – they’re candid, honest, and inspiring. I will blog as often as I can and write about everything from juggling life as a single mom, dating, my career, challenges, recipes, health and fitness, skincare, moments as a mom I’m proud of, mistakes I’ve made along the way, basically no subject will be off limits. I hope that I can add a lot to Modern Mom as many of you will be able to relate to my challenges of just being a single mom. I promise to blog from the heart with candor and honesty.

Brooke and I

Brooke and I started out our career in Los Angeles around the same time, we worked with a lot of people who constantly told us we had to meet each other because our views were so similar. We finally met and it was an instant connection. I felt I had known Brooke for years. We have experienced a lot of the same things be it career before kids, divorce, making career choices and how it will impact our family, many many things.

Hands On Moms

The core similarity is we are hands on moms and put our kids first. We aren’t afraid to talk about things and be honest about our experiences. I really value my friendship with Brooke and our friendship just keeps growing. We spend time dishing over lunch, playdates with our kids and most recently our mommy spa getaway. I was so thrilled when she asked me to blog for ModernMom, and be part of a wonderful forum that she helped create. Thank you Modern Mom for including me in this wonderful, informative site and I hope to add as much as I can.

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