Toyota Preparing Recall for Faulty Lexus Engines?
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Toyota Preparing Recall for Faulty Lexus Engines?

More bad news from Toyota. They may be issuing another recall on Monday. The company admitted today that 270,000 vehicles are affected by faulty engines. Of course, Toyota’s recall of 8 million cars worldwide due to acceleration and brake problems is in not-too-distant memory. In fact, Toyota has announced about eight different recalls since September 2009.

90,000 affected cars were believed to have sold in Japan while the rest sold overseas. 7 models of Lexus sedans and the Crown were involved in this recall. While there have been no reports of accidents due to  these faulty engines, there have been about 200 reports of complaints from Japan that the engine made strange noises. Toyota has not yet confirmed that a recall will be called.

Obviously, Toyota is a mess right now. They have openly admitted that they focus too much on market share and profits. But, in the process, they are slowly losing their reputation for making safe, quality vehicles. Can Toyota bounce back or are they in too deep?

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