5 Adorable Animal Facts That Will Make Your Day
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5 Adorable Animal Facts That Will Make Your Day

Smile, we’ve got some super cute animals to brighten your day! 

We’re also got some fun facts about our favorite furry friends (and just try to say that that three times fast).

So check out five interesting bits of trivia that are sure to make you go “aww!”

1. Sea otters sleep holding paws to keep from drifting away from each other.

According to the National Wildlife Federation, “Sea otters often eat, rest, and sleep together while floating in groups called rafts. A raft may have a few otters or hundreds and rafting sea otters sometimes ‘hold hands’ to stay together.

2. Baby elephants suck their trunks.

In the same way that a human baby will suck his or her thumb, baby elephants will suck their trunks for comfort.

3. Cows have best friends…

 … and they get stressed out when they are separated. Researchers at Northampton University found that cows are very social animals who form close bonds with their friends.

4. Dogs have unique nose prints, like fingerprints.

It’s true! In the same way that no two human fingerprints are the same, dogs have unique ridges and patterns on their sniffers that can be used to identify them.

5. Parrots name their babies.

Researchers found that shortly after the parrot chick hatches from the eggs, its parents will give him a name which will also constitute the signature call of the bird. As the little parrot matures, he will adapt the original signature call to his “taste”, shortening/lengthening it with whistling or chirping. In layman’s terms, the parrot changes his nickname into his own name!




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