Nap Nanny Recliners Recalled Due to Infant Death
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Nap Nanny Recliners Recalled Due to Infant Death

Portable baby recliners that help babies sleep better are being recalled after an infant death. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled 30,000 Nap Nanny recliners made by Baby Matters LLB of Berwyn, PA after a 4-month-old baby girl in Michigan died in a Nap Nanny that was being used as a crib. There have been about 22 reports of infants falling over the side of the Nap  Nanny despite the fact that the babies were strapped into the harnesses.

CPSC said the Nap Nanny is not meant to be used in a crib and instead should be placed on the floor away from other products.

The $130 recliners were sold from January 2009 through this month. If you or someone you know have a Nap Nanny, you should contact the company to receive new product instructions or a coupon to receive a new one.

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