Nine Ways to Sneak in Those Workouts
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Nine Ways to Sneak in Those Workouts

Finding time to exercise is a challenge during any time of the year,
but fitness plans really suffer especially during the holiday season.
Most of us mentally wrote off or compromised our workouts during the
days between Thanksgiving and the New Year — and now we’ve got the
extra pounds to show for it.

Thank goodness for New Year’s Resolutions!

If you’ve put whipping yourself into shape as one of your top pledges this year, I have one great suggestion for you: hold on tight to your dream of getting into amazing form and then, get sneaky. If we view exercise as something we have to sneak in (like a good piece of chocolate), then maybe we will get some pleasure out of the navigation.

1. Schedule it. Okay, that doesn’t sound very sneaky, but take a look at the coming weeks and write in your workouts on the open gaps of the calendar. Commit to the rhythm of exercise today, and to slipping a little movement into your life on a daily basis.

2. Walk whenever you can. You can easily fit this in during trips to the grocery store or the mall, or for picking up your child in the morning and afternoon school. Wear some comfortable shoes and pick up the pace. Try parking your car as far away as you can from where you’re going. If there’s a set of stairs between you and your destination, take them. Climbing them is an instant workout for you your legs and glutes.

3. Maximize your efforts. If you’re headed for a walk with a friend or the kids, strap on three-to-five pound ankle weights. Only have 10 minutes? Bust your buns. Even if you’re watching TV with the family, sit on the floor and do push ups and sit ups. Don’t just park it on the couch. Keep moving when you can. Need to get some yard work done? Put your back into it, and turn it into a productive workout for you.

4. Stay body conscious. Working on the computer? Keep that tummy taut. Laundry? Do sets of squats in between unloading the washer and loading the dryer. Standing at the counter? Do kick backs and tighten those buns. Commercial break during your favorite show? Drop and give yourself 20 sit ups.

5. Organize “games” with the kids. When you’re hanging out en famille, play active games like touch football, hide and seek, and tag. Try rollerskating to the park. You will keep yourself moving, have a great time together, and maybe even wear the little ones out in the process.

6. Keep free weights, such as a few light dumbbells, and some exercise bands in your house. If you only have a few minutes do a mini circuit, using such equipment will make your workout faster and more effective. Start with a one-to-two minute warm up, head to a set of 20 squats and lunges, and then move on to a bicep curl to shoulder press. Still have time? Drop to the floor and do crunches, pushups (even if it’s on your knees) and then repeat the circuit again. Try to keep moving without taking a break, and get three rounds done. Remember: A few minutes of exercise will benefit you. As they say, “Condense but intense.”

7. Fill up on good stuff. Going to birthday parties, school functions or hanging around the house? Try to fill up on healthy foods first so when you reach for the yummy stuff you won’t eat as much. Even though this is not sneaking, eating well will assist you in the process of trying to get into shape. While running around town being super mom, you will find it’s a good idea to take along some healthy snacks to avoid eating fast food on the road.

8. If your job requires a lot of travel, plan to use your time away from the family for more workouts. Find out if your hotel has a gym or exercise classes. Pack accordingly and schedule your fitness breaks.

9. Create your sneaky workout time around your house. Let’s face it: driving to and from the gym is tough. Don’t just look at the house as a place to do laundry, cook meals, hang with the family, and answer e-mails. Create a space within your house for exercise. Of if you’re at work all day, think about how to integrate fitness into your schedule there. If you have a private office, splurge on a DVD player – your computer probably even has a built-in one. Commit to spending 30 minutes at noon to follow an exercise video. Or when lunchtime rolls around, choose a restaurant that’s situated a good distance away and preferably uphill. Change out of your heels and power walk there. Don’t worry about runny mascara. You can freshen up once you return to the office with a fresh coat of makeup. I know I’ve said it before but getting your body moving even for a few minutes is better than not doing anything at all.

Here’s to a fantastic 2008, the year you can realize your dream of greater fitness and an even better body.


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