Fitness Fix-Its
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Fitness Fix-Its

image courtesy of James Patrick  Tuscon, AZ

Even the best of the best can fold under pressure. As meticulous as I am with keeping my fitness goals on track, there have been times that I have made it through a super-challenging day, focused on fueling my body with nutritious food, tackled an impressive workout in the gym, to find myself sneaking in the pantry, after the little ones are sound asleep, over-indulging on kiddie treats.

We have all been victim to lack of judgment, making wrong decisions, acting on impulse, not being true to who we really are. Big or small, it’s not the error that truly defines you; it is how you will rebound from the mistake and ultimately reach a higher place that counts. Knowing who you are, staying committed to what you truly believe, courageously understanding what is causing the negative behavior and being empowered to launch higher than where you started before the fall, is how true power resonates.

No different than my client’s confessions, such as indulging in an entire chocolate chip cookie, warranting their right to “might as well eat another”; impulsive, frivolous choices, that seem to bring instant happiness, are actually signs of filling a void for something else. This same pattern can be seen with missed workouts at the gym: A day or two of consecutive workouts missed can potentially culminate to weeks, months or years…Sound familiar?

Fighting the Tide

Instead of floating with the current back to shore, break though what may seem impossible, and take the chance to make things right. Nothing is permanent, change is possible, mistakes are probable, healing is powerful.

The Busy Mommy’s Fitness Fix-It Toolbox

  • If you miss a workout, plan and organize to get back to the gym on the next consecutive day.
  • If you feel unsatisfied from a workout, do something about it and plan. Different formats, varying the order of your exercises, even changing the music in your I-pod, can and will make your experience more fulfilling.
  • When snacking, never eat out of the package. Always make portions in baggies or bowls and put the rest away.
  • If you over-indulge in high-calorie foods or desserts, accept it, but be satisfied with the serving size. You are entitled to treat yourself, but resist the temptation to give in to the domino effect.
  • If you are consistently hitting roadblocks that hinder you from reaching your health and fitness goals, slow down and try to understand what is keeping you from attaining what you really want to accomplish.

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